Tenuta Viglione

Tenuta Viglione to Launch More Iconic Pugliese Wines to Thailand (and We’ve Already Tasted Them for You)

About a year ago, Tenuta Viglione made a splash by entering the Thai market, asserting itself as one of the most interesting Italian wine producers to do so. Up until now, the winery from Southern Italy has introduced (through its Thai distributor Next Step Wine) five different labels, all of which feature Puglia’s rich variety of grapes. Some of these pioneers include the Verdeca Maioliche, which has a sparkling version as well. It’s a white grape with a subtle hint of citrus. The Nero di Troia Maioliche is another trailblazer that’s representing Puglia in the Thai market. The best part of this dry, red grape might be its delightfully balanced character which also features an aroma of plums in alcohol. Some other members of the Viglione family include the Susumaniello and the Primitivo Gioia del Colle DOP. When one thinks of Pugliese wine, it’s hard to ignore the world-famous Primitivo, whose elegant characteristics are a perfect expression of the hills of Gioia del Colle. The Sellato brings together a stoney mineral texture together with impressive flavours of red fruits and hints of Mediterranean underbrush. There’s more. The Morso Rosso version of the Susumaniello is an epitome of elegant wine with its full body, tasteful tannins, and a long finish featuring black peppers, cherries, and black olives.

Tenuta Viglione has experienced an expansive year, stomping new grounds from award-winning restaurants to luxury hotels. However, the pinnacle of this expansion was marked by Chef Noom’s selection of the Pugliese wine into the 9-course menu he created at his seven- time Michelin Star restaurant Chim by Siam Wisdom.

Thanks to the star chef and his iconic Bangkok restaurant, Viglione’s Pugliese wine had the opportunity to mix and mingle with legendary Thai tastes, creating a fusion of flavours that simply satisfy the soul.

“So, what’s next?” we asked Viglione’s Marketing Director for Southeast Asia, Ruenruedee Prachayaphruet. “We consider the start of our activities in Thailand an integral step. We are proud of our progress. We’re now more invested than ever in our intuitive direction that brought us into this market.”

This is only the beginning of a beautiful bond between Puglia and Thailand. “Starting in June, we will introduce two new labels, both iconic representations of Pugliese wine. The first is the Primitivo Rosé Maioliche with great balance and versatility, easily recognizable for its bright and sunny colour. The second is our most prestigious label, the Marpione. We will import this one in its limited edition to showcase the Primitivo Gioia del Colle DOP Riserva which brings great elegance and longevity”. In fact, Marpione is an organic ruby-red wine with aromas of fruit and wild berries, Mediterranean underbrush, and a subtle licorice undertone.

Marpione means rascal or heartthrob in Italian. It’s the perfect name for this wonderful wine with great structure which came to life in traditional bush vineyards that are over 70 years old. The strong structure is lightened and refined through a process of aging in large barrels for 24 months and then in barrique for 4 months. Marpione is a champion of both the Italian and international markets and has been collecting trophies of success from the start. For example, it has received the Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso award for nine years in a row! “We are overjoyed to introduce Marpione to Thailand, but this is just the frontrunner of our catalogue of wine that’s only growing in quality. A good example of this is our latest release of Morso Rosso (harvest of 2022), declared by the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) to be the best Susumaniello in Italy.” 

Puglia has shifted from being solely perceived as a producer of low-priced wines to rebranding itself as a prime region for exceptionally high-quality wines. “As with all things, there are different levels of quality and that includes wine. It’s not difficult to understand that there is both cheap and exceptional wine from Puglia and the same could be said of France, Australia, or anywhere. We happen to focus on excellent wine and here in Puglia, you are spoiled for choice.”

We’re already hearing more and more about the Super- Pugliese and it seems like this trend will continue to grow. Puglia has all the ingredients to become a high- powered hub in the world of wine, offering elements of tradition, oenological innovation, and environmental sustainability. “The future of the Super-Pugliese is more than promising and we’re ready to play the protagonist in a new era of wine. Let’s see what the market has to say in the years to come. The possibilities are endless.”