Cover Interview – Vincent Wong

POSH MAGAZINE THAILAND had a chance to collaborate with Hong Kong actor from TVB ‘Vincent Wong or 王浩信 Wang Haoxin’. Here’s a small interview with him about his recent life.

POSH: The theme of our shooting this time is desintegration. Can you talk about your thoughts about desintegration?
Vincent Wong:Before, I fell into my comfort zone a little, so now I want a “desintegration”. Both exercise and habits have made some changes. For example, I used to exercise three days a week, but now I insist on exercising seven days a week. In music, I write stories every week, read a book every week, and so on. I will try my best to do the things I have been looking for excuses not to do before.

POSH: Can you share any songs what you love recently?
Vincent Wong: Recently, I was practicing a song called “NIAN SHAO YOU WEI”. I was very moved after listening to this song for many times. Just now, we are planning a concert, and I hope one of them is Teacher Li Ronghao’s “NIAN SHAO YOU WEI”.

POSH: Do you want to stay in some stages of your life and think about what to do next?
Vincent Wong: Maybe sometimes it’s a good choice to stop and think about the next step. If you keep rushing forward, you will lose your way. People need to keep desintegration and keep rising from failure.

POSH: I saw the sitcom you participated in a while ago. What do you think is the difference between this sitcom and your previous TV series?
Vincent Wong: The most different local sitcom has no film and television NG, and every time it is a mirror to the end, no mistake can be made. Every time I shoot, I have to face the audience’s reaction on the spot, so sitcoms will be more difficult. In this program, I also learned the system of mainland sitcoms, which is very important for me. The pace of comedy is very fast, so I must also practice my Mandarin better. During this program, our members worked very hard to practice Mandarin well.

POSH: We all know Vincent’s teacher is TVB Video. Do you have any suggestions for newcomers who are about to enter the performing arts industry?
Vincent Wong: Effort is must. Now, in addition to acting skills and efforts, what we need to have is more state. The spirit of essence determines your aura and temperament. A good state can show more energy in front of the camera.

POSH: Can you share some Hong Kong food and interesting attractions with your friends in front of the screen?
Vincent Wong: In fact, many mainland and even foreign friends are very familiar with Hong Kong, such as Shaomai and Xiaolongbao, which are Hong Kong’s tea drinking culture. This lifestyle can be seen in restaurants in Hong Kong. Tea restaurants, curry and hot pot in Hong Kong are all good choices. I will miss Hong Kong’s food after coming to the mainland.

POSH: A few days ago, digital artworks based on your own image were released. What do you think of new things like the meta universe and digital artworks?
Vincent Wong: I think this is a very interesting platform. Many friends who like art can find more forms and charm of art.

POSH: Tell us about the next work arrangement and trends.
Vincent Wong: Next, there will be a TV play to be shot in the mainland, so I will stay in the mainland for a long time in the near future. Next, I will continue to work hard to practice Mandarin and communicate with you better.

POSH: Leave a message to your fans and audience friends who support you!
Vincent Wong: Thank the audience very much for supporting POSH and my works. I hope everyone has a happy life and a healthy body. I will continue to work hard, continue to deliver positive energy and continue to present better works.

Actor/Vincent Wong 王浩信
Producer/Austin Thein
Creative Director/Termsit Siriphanich
Visual director/ Celine Chan 休伦
Magazine editor in chief/Childe
Marketing Director/Layla
Make up and hair/小虾
Postproduction/汤茹、Yan、Leihanna3D Modeling/42LOOK/YY、MRXHW
Lateral shoot/FKINGWILD
Special thanks to Leslielee