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27 Mar

Special Interview – Nguyen Thanh Phong – “The Most Loved Vietnamese Interpreter.”



  • How do you feel when you are interpreter of Vietnam delegate when she is in top 6 and top 3 on Miss International Queen 2018?  

My feeling is very excited and excited, when Nguyen Huong Giang (Vietnam delegate) in the top 3 and 6, she answered very brilliant and full of each answer. My job is to translate the main ideas and complete what she wants to show. Before, on stage, I and she said that if she was in the top 6, I would be an interpreter although she could speak English. The first is that she may have more time to think, the second is that she wants to show her mother tongue to the whole world and that answer along with my translation has in turn put Huong Giang in the Top 3 and win convincingly.



  • After becoming an interpreter for Nguyen Huong Giang – winner of Miss International Queen 2018, how did your life change?

After appearing on the GMM 25 channel of Thailand so Vietnamese as well as the international audiences, people praised me for conveying the message of Huong Giang fully and convincingly. I have more people known, I have many programs invited to MC in Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, people love me also give me the title as “The Most Loved Vietnamese Translator.” That made me very happy and full of gratitude to the netizens as well as the fans of Huong Giang have won all the favor for me.



  • How did you and Huong Giang know each other, and why was you choosed Huong Giang’s interpreter for Miss International Queen?

We are close friends in Vietnam. I am also the giver of Giang to contest Miss International Queen 2018 because I think the LGBT community in Vietnam has not yet had a voice and need justice and equality. And I’m also a co-operator, managing the work of Giang during the competition. When I became an interpreter for Giang in the top 3 and top 6, it was a challenge for me and Giang, but since I was working during Giang’s participation in the competition, when Giang answered and I translated it like two fire bủn together, and luck came, crowning came to Giang. Giang also thanks me, my efforts also contributed to bringing the crown to Giang, to Vietnam. Winning of Huowng Giang, not only me and her, it’s also all of trying of our team: makeup artisit, hair stylist, fashion stylist, photographer…


  • What do you think about translators from other countries?

Translators from other countries, maybe because they have not worked with the previous beauty of the country so when they translate, they will not understand the main idea that she wants to convey, and I and Giang having worked together, it is important to understand each other. I think the interpreter is very important, because if the contestant is a beauty queen, interpretation translates to 50%, good interpreter will help the candidate get close to the director. and the audience, if the interpreter is not good it will make the answer of the candidate becomes meaningless.


  • Why can you speak Vietnamese, English and Thai?

I studied Communications Arts College for 4 years at International Stamford University, Thailand. After graduation, I have internship at a Thai entertainment company, Woody World, and worked at YSIS Entertainment, so my 6 years in Thailand helped me to communicate in Thai and good English. I like Thai, I communicate in Thai every day when I go to buy food, go to the supermarket or talk to friends, and English I use when I go to work. Thailand as my second home, I love people here, I love Thai culture, I think I am “Thai children”.

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  • In addition to the management of Huong Giang, what did you do?

In addition to managing for Huong Giang, I had the opportunity to work with Miss Tiffany Universe Thailand 2017 Yoshi when bringing her to the brand in Vietnam, I take Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova to Vietnam, Thai Supermodel Lukkade Metinee to fashion show for famous fashion designer Chung Thanh Phong, I also bring the same couple Both and New Year to the Vietnamese brand … My work related to Thailand and Vietnam, that is my dream, I want to link the two countries ‘culture by bringing the two countries’ entertainment industry together and intertwine, so that the culture of the two countries will develop than. I love the culture of Vietnam and Thailand, my dream is to build bridges between the culture and entertainment of the two countries go further to international friends to admire the culture of the two countries.


  • What message do you have for wanting to become an interpreter, manager of a celebrity?

Follow your passion, live your life and never be afraid of anything, believe in yourself. Like myself, before I do things that I love, I’ve also experienced certain difficulties, but I believe the dream of being a celebrity manager will come to me through every day effort into never give up a dream. This job is very difficult but if you dare to pursue n, you will make your dream come true! Believe in yourself! You can do it!

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