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26 Feb

Special Interview – Nguyen Huong Giang


Nguyen Huong Giang – Famous Singer and Present contestant for Vietnam in Miss International Queen 2018


Nguyen Huong Giang, 26 years old,  170cm tall,  weight is 50kg. Her passion is art, she has the ability to sing and reached the top four of the Vietnam Idol TV show in 2012. She works as a professional singer. In 2014 she ran a popular campaign called The Amazing Race Vietnam and became a champion. She also reached the finals of many programs like Dancing with the Star 2015, The Remix 2016.

Why are you interested in Miss International Queen?

I have been following Miss International Queen for many years now, I think this is really a rare opportunity for transsexuals to take the image and voice in the Miss International Queen. I am in need of opportunities like Miss International Queen to devote my ability to spread to others, change the way I look at the world, transsexuals who always aspire to be recognized for their efforts and talents, a community through the success of an individual, that is why I am always interested in Miss International Queen 2018.



When did you realise that you were actually a woman or when did you feel like you wanted to be female?

From childhood I dreamed of dreams like I was wearing a fishtail dress, standing on stage with When I woke up, I knew I was definitely a woman, and not just a woman, I knew I would be a good and beautiful woman.

What was it like coming out to your family and friends? Did you family accept you? How did they react? Please explain.

It looks like you look at a tree that should be green but it becomes pink, everyone is strange but they do not know exactly how the tree was, is not a disease. And how to stop and turn it back to blue, until one day you are forced to accept because that pink is so beautiful! My family is the same, they also see the difference, see also the change and also the opposition, but then the love of parents plus the trust they give me over all, I I think I have a great family!


Do people outside your family treat you differently? Please explain.

You know school bullying happens everywhere, especially with people like us. It’s because being bullied, being bullied and insulted by bad words makes me stronger and more determined!

Have you taken any female hormones? If yes, how did it affect your body change or emotional change?
I have had depression after hormonal injection and especially after transgender, because when you are male body It is natural that when you intervene by using a female hormone to become feminine and beautiful, it will certainly produce a fight in the body. You know that is not easy, it makes your emotions erratic, not much fight to bring joy.
How do you feel when some people see trans women as people who are very emotional because they are on hormones?
Transgender people themselves have gone through a journey with lots of experience and lots of trade-offs. , pain and loss have made them more susceptible, adding hormones to add more transsexuals came than normal.
Do you believe in Human Equality? What does Human Equality mean to you? What do you want to say to the world about Human Equality?
It will make the world fairer and better, because everyone wants to be happy and they will understand that transsexuals are the same, they also need to be respected and live a happy life so when people recognize them will do it!
How do you feel about being part of Miss International Queen 2018?
I feel this is definitely a great experience in life, imagine if you grow older and look back on your youth, you will have such an experience, be in Next to the wonderful people from different countries, together make a lot of memories and good things for everyone. Also this is the first time Vietnam has a participant, so I am very honored and eager!
What personality or characteristic that you think will set you above the crowd in Miss International Queen 2018?
I think my nature will make myself attractive, the standout who never tries to make me stand out in the light of my own style.
Please show 1 item that mean so much in your life. (This could be a photo, a doll, a book or anything that mean so much to you in your life.)
I like the message of breaking up ‪at 6am‬ from my ex boyfriend, a surprise message for a simple reason that he can not overcome the barrier of family and society,  I booked a ticket to another city in Vietnam, enrolled in Vietnam Idol, and since that day my life has changed, I have always been confused Thank you that day and I keep it forever till today!
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Interviewed by Nguyễn Thanh Phong

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  • Khanh Bui

    Giang, you are so amazing. We love you and wish you good luck in this competition.

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